Server Assistant

Server monitoring and issue reporting/handling tool


An essential tool for any Minecraft Server

Server Assistant monitors your minecraft server and will report issues, like crashes, errors and lagspikes, along with the relevant information for solving them.

"If only I'd had a good tool to find the cause of this server crash"

Who is this for?

  • Server/Network owners who want to know about server issues so they can solve them
  • Server/Network developers who want to know the cause of issues so they can solve them
  • People who care about player experience. Using ServerAssistant you can configure lagging servers to automatically grab relevant data (Timings, etc...) and then reboot


  • Server Lag Detection - Can detect and respond to the server lagging
  • Server Crash Detection - Can detect and respond to the server crashing from an error
  • Server Freeze Detection - Can detect and respond to the server freezing
  • Server Error (Exception) Detection - Can detect and respond to exceptions (errors)
  • Report generation - Generates an issue report when an issue occurs. Can include thread dumps, stacktraces, timings (Max once per hour) and other useful data for resolving issues.
  • Configurable responses to issues - Fully configurable responses to issues
    • Send a notification to your Slack
    • Use If This Then That to send you an email/SMS or dim your lights (Or any other kind of notification imaginable)
    • Submit generated report to a configured webhook via a POST request
    • Log issues to either a database or a folder
    • Create custom responses via the API
  • Helpful Commands - Commands to show server tickrate, entity count, memory usage and even to print a thread dump. You'd struggle to find commands as useful anywhere else!
  • API - Allows you to create your own detectors for issues and own responses to issues. For more information read here

Server Assisstant:

What are you waiting for? Download Server Assistant now from!

Plugin Documentation
And Configuration:

The following documentation should tell you how to use and configure every part of Server Assistant. If you have any questions or need assistance then PM me on SpigotMC.

The ServerAssistant

ServerAssistant has an API that can be used to extend the capabilities of the plugin. For information about using the API read here.

API Features

  • Custom issues and reports
  • Custom detectors of issues
  • Custom responses to issues
  • Override existing reports and issue reponses via event listening